Our Story

Wentzylvania™ Clothing Co. was founded by three cousins who were born and raised "The Philly Way". With lineage back to the Eagles inception in 1933 where our grandfather slung peanuts at the old Baker Bowl on 15th and Broad. We bleed green, our families bleed green and we have no Cowboy fans as friends nor are they allowed to marry into our family. 

We cheered when Wilbur ran through the Cowboys vaunted flex defense to send us to the Super Bowl.  We cried when we lost the NFC championship game to the Bucs to close down the Vet. Our Fathers watched Concrete Charlie knockout Gifford and eventually lead us to an NFL championship later that year.  We remember Ricky “for who? for what?”, Buddy’s bounty, the body bag game, Reggie, Jerome and Seth, the “Miracle in the Meadowlands” 1 and 2, TO’s driveway work out and the thunderous sound of a Dawkins collision.  Who could forget how great it was when Donovan threw 4 touchdowns with a broken leg or the sheer agony of watching him lose his lunch in a Superbowl huddle…tick…tick…tick…tick Andy WTF.  4th and 26, Andre Waters “RIP”, Fog Bowl, Meryl Reese “I don’t believe what I just saw”, Carmichael’s hurdle, Jaworski to Quick for 99 yards.  On and on we lived it over and over and over and again. UNTIL NOW

Now we stand at the precipice of destiny.  Now we see the glimmer of a shining light.  Now we see the man who can lead us out of the abyss, the world of “Next Year” the world of “Almost”.  Do we need to say his name?  We all know who he is.  He’s the man that owns the city, the state, Eagles Nation, he’s number 11, he’s Norm Van Brocklin reincarnated, he’s our guy, our franchise QB leading us to our destiny.  So that’s why we started our company.  So that all of us could embrace him, remember him, keep him with us, a piece of this era, our era, our time, our city, our team, our Super Bowl, our dynasty.  It may not all be here yet, but it’s coming.  We can feel it…… Do you feel it.... Oh yeah, you feel it…... Take a little piece of destiny home with you.  For who? For what?  For You………Forever……. Right Now……